All our offices are fully equipped with proper conference and meeting rooms, a well-stocked library with text references and latest updates and other journals and ample car-parks.

All lawyers and staff are trained and are computer literate and each has direct access to personal computers and internal resource servers. Our offices are well equipped with the hardware and original software required for good, speedy and efficient work.

Multi-media into the Internet also link us with our clients and instructions, documents and other correspondences are channeled via e-mail between clients and us. This has enhanced our speed and efficiency. High-speed Internet has also provided a platform to us to source the latest legal material available and liaise with foreign legal entities for second opinions and plans in tackling wide areas of legal issues. We are registered subscribers to a variety of legal journals.

We also offer:

Cross client referrals

We are also in a very good position to recommend or introduce business parties amongst our clientele as we are in constant contact with a variety of parties who would require a variety of goods and services. It is our intention to exploit to the full, the synergistic benefits of a wide spectrum of clientele.

Synergistic Affiliations

We have close and good relations with other professional persons and bodies that include Certified Accountants, Registered Company Secretaries, Insurance Brokers and Agents, Human Resource and Employment Agencies along with a host of other support service providers. This enables us to provide complete support to our clients in taking care of their other general office and administrative needs.

International Partnerships

Through our 'Global Partnership' programme, we have a symbiotic relationship with law firms from several countries across the globe. We have legal partners in Thailand, USA, England, China, India and the Middle East and this list is growing. Our partners, all from different territorial jurisdictions are committed to provide efficient complimentary legal services to a client who wants to receive affordable, reliable and comprehensive cross-border legal services and solutions that are tailor-made to his needs yet "dipped in local flavour".

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