JHJ 360° Student Attachment Programme Testimonials (2013/2014)

Since the launch of our JHJ 360˚ Student Attachment Programme in year 2011, the programme has grown to receive a positive response from students sitting for their Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP).


SAP 2014 - 2015

We had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside three talented law students throughout the course of the programme from November 2013 to March 2014. Their amicable character and integrity have garnered appreciation and respect from the JHJ team, and we believe that they, like their predecessors, will also make valuable additions to the legal fraternity in the near future.

JHJ extend our warmest congratulations for the successful completion of the JHJ 360˚ Student Attachment Programme to Isabell, Daryl and Joanna.

From the pen of Isabell Zubinsha Bt Iskandar Zakaria, LLB (Hons) University of Reading

“As a fresh law graduate the working world to me is like a jungle and my academic qualifications merely the small pocket knife I arm myself with. This experience with the JHJ 360˚ Attachment Program was like being given a survival kit. In this kit I have been supplied with an ample amount of personal development, binoculars to view the working culture, and a whole host of tools to adapt and blend with the natives of this foreign world.

The culture at JHJ of having a low power distance between the partners and their employees allowed me to grow my confidence and to appreciate that authority should be respected and distinguished from fear which is unnecessary with your employers. It is the concept that everyone’s opinion is valued. Each person’s work is important to them as mine is to me, and with mutual respect and advanced planning we can work in synchronicity to allow the firm to function better as a whole.

No longer only armed with the small pocket knife that is my academic qualifications I am truly grateful to have been part of the living and breathing mechanics of this firm. I now step into the working world with a survival kit and can appreciate better the journey that lies ahead in my legal career.”

From the pen of Daryl Khor Tet Woei, LLB (Hons) University of London (International)

“I got to know of the JHJ 360˚ Student Attachment Programme through one of my lecturers who also happens to be an associate in JHJ. He introduced this programme to us during my final year in LLB, and it ignited my interest to join this programme as I understand the importance for a law student, especially while sitting for the CLP course, to gain practical experience in the legal field.

Upon joining the firm for the programme, I was exposed to various types of training in JHJ. All three of us were provided with a list of tasks which are divided into the four main departments in JHJ, namely the Corporate, Conveyancing, Conflict Resolution and Knowledge department. It was truly an eye opener to be exposed to all these different aspects of the legal practice. The unique style of work and types of matters handled by the different departments have assisted me in the decision-making process on which route to take in the future.

Having joined this programme with zero experience, it is an honour to have the lawyers, pupils in chamber and staff of JHJ providing me with constructive advice and guidance throughout the duration of my participation. I truly believe that this programme is a good kickstart to my future legal practice as it helped to sharpen my skills and to gain valuable industry experience. Thank you JHJ for providing me this opportunity.”

From the pen of Joanna Ka-Yi Bux, LLB (Hons) University of Reading

“By shadowing the lawyers on their daily official duties, I was able to gain insight in a day of a life as a lawyer. The experience to observe how the lawyers advocated in court and how client meetings were handled was invaluable. It had also given me a sense of fulfilment, ap-preciation and recognition for the importance of the role of a lawyer.

Another plus factor of the programme was the company (people in the firm). After having interned at different law firms previously, I can say that the atmosphere at JHJ certainly was a breath of fresh air considering after hearing stories of how stressful the working culture at a law firm can get. The friendly and camaraderie atmosphere made it easier to approach the lawyers for guidance on certain tasks. De-spite their busy schedules, the lawyers, chambering students and the staff have never turned me down and were always willing to help. Their generosity of time and effort taken to explain the tasks, even up to the smallest of details really encouraged and inspired me to be like them one day. I, for one can truly say that JHJ cares.

This experience has truly been beneficial and would be of tremendous help to my future career. To the JHJ team, I would like to express my utmost appreciation and thanks for giving me this wonderful and invaluable experience that I will remember for a lifetime.”


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