Information & Communication Technology Matters

We take pride in stating that we are pioneers in handling matters relating to "cyberlaws" and "e" or "k" based matters and were involved with the Government's initiative relating to the "MSC Telemedicine Flagship Application". We have since ventured into new areas of sciences and technology such as drafting and negotiating rules and legal documentation relating to medical and engineering research, satellite telecommunications and seamless trans-border information and data transmission, mapping, warehousing, etc.

How we can help you

  • We settle a wide spectrum of information technology and e-based agreements and documents;
  • We attend meetings and discussions to negotiate and settle software licensing issues and agreements;
  • We negotiate and settle vendor programmes and system implementations documentation;
  • We provide impromptu and casual consultation and follow through;
  • We advise and update clients on applicable rules and laws; and
  • We liaise with the authorities on issues such as grants, status, licensing and permits.
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