Human Resource & Industrial Relations

The area of human resource and industrial relations require specific attention and support. Our clients are almost always the employer, some of whom are small to medium and several others who are large with a work force exceeding 1,000 employees.

How we can help you

  • We attend interviews and negotiate terms of employment;
  • We settle and draft employment contracts or contracts for services at all levels;
  • We attend meetings and discussions to negotiate and settle employment disputes;
  • We standardize employment contracts and collective agreements;
  • We create proper domestic inquiry processes to make them efficient and effective;
  • We give advise and updates on current rules and laws;
  • We liaise with the authorities on issues such as EPF, Sosco, statutory benefits, licensing and permits;
  • We deal with workers' unions and employee representatives at all levels to negotiate and settle terms or disputes;
  • We help establish employee codes and procedures; and
  • We give insight to employee management in line with established rules and practice.
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