Conveyancing Practice

Our Conveyancing practice is extensive and covers various aspects of real estate conveyance (ranging from transfers, leases and tenancies to licenses, easements and rights and other general conveyancing documentation) and facility and security documentation and registration (like loan or facilities agreement, charges, debt assignments, debentures, guarantees, negative pledges, liens and other general security documentation).

How we can help you

• We create and perfect conveyancing documentation;

• We assist in all sorts of real estate searches and registrations;

• We attend meetings and discussions to negotiate and settle conveyancing issues;

• We provide consultation and advise with the requisite follow through;

• We perform legal risk management;

• We also constantly provide updates on laws and issues as we become aware of any changes to the dynamic nature of this area of the law; and

• We settle standard hybrid documents and documentation to be adopted by all other panel solicitors in cases where new banking packages and products were created.

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