Scope of Our Telecommunications Practice

JHJ has a specialized team with extensive experience particular to telecommunications companies (telcos). We are sensitive to the special needs and the fine differences in the way telcos do things although they work in the same business environment as other corporations. Our expertise include, but not limited to, ensuring the telco's rights are guarded in procurement contracts, technology-based frame contracts and related purchase orders, creative agency agreements, In-Building contracts, premium and merchandise agreements, tender documentation, network peering arrangements, mobile-advertising, international telecommunications and interconnect agreements, distributor and open-channel dealer agreements, merchant and auto-billing as well as all other agreements spanning all departments of a telco.

Our Team

Our Team has extensive experience advising and guarding our clients' rights in this industry over all matters concerning them including even finance, treasury, and even singular issues such as remittance, holding contests and promotional events. The key to our effectiveness is our high attention to detail and anticipation of potential issues which we derive from our vast legal experience across the board. Our experience in dealing with various authorities and an understanding of the workings of regulatory agencies has proven to be invaluable in our work in the telecommunications industry as well.

Our experience has helped our telco clients from losing unnecessary funds and invaluable time with the inclusion of specific clauses and provisions which we have found to be effective when dealing with third party suppliers, consultants, agents, and other service providers in the specific context of the telco industry. We have adequate expertise to assuredly provide full board services to a telco.

Reputation & Expertise


JHJ represents clients in all areas of the communications industry, including broadcast, satellite, wireless and wire line telecommunications, cable, broadband networks, the Internet, and emerging technologies. Our clients range from large publicly traded television networks, radio group owners, networking equipment companies, wire line and wireless carriers and satellite operators, to smaller, privately held station licensees, technology developers, equipment vendors and service providers. Our role as legal consultants for some of the industry's most innovative and successful companies gives us unique insights into new business models, next-generation technologies and regulatory trends, from satellite radio to power line communications. We also have a vast network of relationships with lenders and investors involved in all segments of the industry.

Among our experience is our involvement in the collaboration between our clients and Malaysia's largest mobile service provider for the construction of telecommunication towers to operate network facilities. We actively participated in the negotiations, the drafting of the business cooperation agreement, tenureship program agreements, turnkey contracts for the construction and design of satellite terminals and collaboration agreements between the respective parties. We have also successfully represented clients in negotiating and drafting documentation for the promotion and sales of satellite services in the Asia Pacific region involving marketing arrangements with the country's network and internet applications provider.

Property Litigation, Real Estate & Infrastructure Management

Our team also deals with disputes relating to land. As part of a large network, the team has accumulated vast experience with all issues concerning land and the infrastructure thereon including dealing with property management companies, government investment arms, financial institutions and multinational companies with property interests. With particular sensitivity to the peculiarity of telco real estate management, we are able to settle any tenancy, right of way issues, placement of towers, satellite receivers, billboard advertisements and the like. Should these matters come to a dispute, our team have acted on large scale and complex property disputes and are fully trained in litigation, advocacy, arbitration, mediation and negotiation strategy and techniques.

Finance & Treasury

The team has a broad-ranging practice and regularly advises on retail and institutional funds, onshore, offshore, open and closed ended, investing in equities, bonds, real estate and alternative classes, including private equity.

JHJ is also familiar with asset financing. Our experience is characterised by high value complex transactions, often with several layers of financing and legal structures. Our team is widely recognized for the range of transactions we are able to undertake. They include the following:

• Financing and operating leases, including contract-hire leasing and hire purchase facilities, and related residual value arrangements

• Loan finance, including limited recourse loan structures, discounted receivable purchase structures, securitization of receivables, and other such forms of financing in the context of leasing related transactions.

• Vendor leasing programs particularly with lessors and their customers in the computer industry in relation to both hardware and software

• Advising providers and users of asset finance on all aspects of their business, including licensing, maintenance, procurement, regulatory and competition matters

With specific reference to telcos, our team is also familiar with Merchant agreement, auto-billing & auto-debit agreements, debt-collection agency agreements, recurring payment agreements, foreign exchange contracts and remittance agreements.

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