Lifestyle, Food & Beverage

Scope of Our Lifestyle, Food & Beverage Practice

JHJ understands that the food, beverage and lifestyle industry is constantly evolving especially with the advent of blogging, "green" and "organic" products, "wellness" and "health" concepts, and reality programming. With a larger variety of products offered by the industry, the legal needs involve also grow considerably larger.

Our Team

Our team has extensive experience in providing for the needs of restaurants, suppliers, bars, producers, and service providers. We understand that it is more than just a business to our clients. We always do our best to understand the philosophy or concept behind the enterprise and suit are solutions to comply with the needs of our clients. We draw upon as well, our experience outside of the legal field and as people who are deeply appreciative and as enthusiastic as our clients of the importance of good food and a quality lifestyle.

Our Reputation & Experience

Advisory and Start-up Services

Our team provides a full range of business services to our lifestyle, food and beverage clients. Acting as advisors, our lawyers deliver high-quality legal work within a fee range that is accessible also to middle market companies. We realize that not every new venture will grow into a multinational success story. Our personal satisfaction is derived not so much from the size or expansion of the venture, but rather from helping our clients achieve their goals. We are proud of the impact that we have had on our clients' growth, and invite you to explore what could become one of the most significant business relationships you will make. Having advised businesses of all sizes for nearly 15 years, we are in tune with the financial and time demands they experience. We realize that this industry is constantly evolving and we are aware of the newest trends, especially in "green" products and health and wellness. JHJ has tailored itself to deliver high-quality legal services to you in an efficient and cost effective manner.


The team has a broad-ranging practice and regularly advises on retail and institutional funds, onshore, offshore, open and closed ended, investing in equities, bonds, real estate and alternative classes, including private equity.

JHJ is also familiar with asset financing. Our experience is characterised by high value complex transactions, often with several layers of financing and legal structures. Our CCF team is widely recognized for the range of transactions we are able to undertake. They include the following:

• Financing and operating leases, including contract-hire leasing and hire purchase facilities, and related residual value arrangements

• Loan finance, including limited recourse loan structures, discounted receivable purchase structures, securitization of receivables, and other such forms of financing in the context of leasing related transactions.

• Vendor leasing programs particularly with lessors and their customers in the computer industry in relation to both hardware and software

• Advising providers and users of asset finance on all aspects of their business, including licensing, maintenance, procurement, regulatory and competition matters


Many of our clients have done well and intend to expand by franchising. Franchising is regulated by the by statutory regulation which is protective of the franchise buyer. We take care of all your compliance issues and regulatory matters while you proceed ahead with your expansion ideas. Your franchise agreement and the relationship between you and your potential franchisee will be managed and we help you understand what is covered and what is not under the franchise agreement.

• We will advise on all necessary disclosure required as per the law including the background and bios of the franchise and its owners

• We will assist in coming up with any training procedures required to run the franchise

• We will help structure the franchisor organization

• We will draft the most appropriate franchise agreement to suit you franchise ideas and expand your business.

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