Knowledge & Education

Scope of Our Knowledge & Education Practice

JHJ is proud to also be involved in the Knowledge and Education industry where we take care of your legal needs while you focus on developing your educational facilities and programmes. You need not worry about the legalities of your enterprise while we settle all relevant issues including licensing, corporate entity formation, joint ventures, twinning agreements, real estate matters, project financing, leasing and obtaining the requisite approval or permission.

Our Team

Our team has experience in various aspects of the knowledge and education industry from the initial start-up to resolving disputes and large-scale implementation of "education cities". JHJ has an additional advantage in this area given that some of us are also tutors and lectures in law schools and have a personal insight on the day to day running of the business of education. And of course, we apply our keen attention to the responsiveness and quality of our service to educational providers. Our personal insight in the industry allows us to spot any potential issues as well as make suggestions for an improved business model and long term sustainability. We keenly understand the unique nature of the knowledge and education industry which is both noble and competitive at the same time as well as the burden that educational providers bear.

Reputation & Expertise


Our most notable experience is our involvement in the Kuala Lumpur Education City project which was launched and approved by the Malaysian Government via both the Prime Ministers' Department and the Ministry of Higher Education in 2007 as a private-led project aimed at achieving Malaysia' aim to be a regional hub for higher education. Our expertise in collaboration, joint-ventures, and other forms of partnership was crucial in ensuring that the rights of all parties are clearly set out, protected and not in conflict. Franchising and patenting also comes within our area of expertise and we are able to help where clients who have a unique teaching method want to secure the rights to their own method or to pioneer a method brought from overseas.


The team has a broad-ranging practice and regularly advises on retail and institutional funds, onshore, offshore, open and closed ended, investing in equities, bonds, real estate and alternative classes, including private equity.

JHJ is also familiar with asset financing. Our experience is characterised by high value complex transactions, often with several layers of financing and legal structures. Our CCF team is widely recognized for the range of transactions we are able to undertake. They include the following:

• Financing and operating leases, including contract-hire leasing and hire purchase facilities, and related residual value arrangements

• Loan finance, including limited recourse loan structures, discounted receivable purchase structures, securitization of receivables, and other such forms of financing in the context of leasing related transactions.

• Vendor leasing programs particularly with lessors and their customers in the computer industry in relation to both hardware and software

• Advising providers and users of asset finance on all aspects of their business, including licensing, maintenance, procurement, regulatory and competition matters

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management (KM) is quickly becoming an important in the running of any business and is of particular importance to the knowledge and education industry. It is becoming crucial to generate and nurture the flow of shared information as an aid to making key decisions, particularly so in the education industry where modern educational methods are facilitated by online teaching aids, virtual learning environments, and the dissemination of information and knowledge to students online. Knowledge is a strategic asset which JHJ knows how to manage.

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