Information & Communication Technology

Scope of Our ICT Practice

Our ICT practice covers a full range of services including the procurement, teaming, support, collaboration, privatization, concessions and other exercises relating to systems & software project implementation; software, hardware and systems procurement; licensing, dispute resolution; competition and compliance issues; electronic communications, broadcasting and process automation systems.

Our Team

The ICT team has extensive experience in advising clients in this complex area. We advise on advertising and marketing across a broad range of media including sponsorship, press, TV and radio. This team has the experience on a variety of businesses in this industry, including television and radio carriers, satellite operators, cable providers and those involved in the purchase or production of programmes and services.

Our ICT team also has the proficiency in drafting and negotiating equipment sale and purchase agreements as well as associated maintenance and management arrangements. We advise companies undertaking IT procurement whether in the context of a major IT procurement, a consolidation of IT purchasing or IT systems development following a merger or other corporate activity or simply during the ordinary course of business.

Reputation & Experience


JHJ represents clients in all areas of the communications industry, including broadcast, satellite, wireless and wire line telecommunications, cable, broadband networks, the Internet, and emerging technologies. Our clients range from large publicly traded television networks, radio group owners, networking equipment companies, wire line and wireless carriers and satellite operators, to smaller, privately held station licensees, technology developers, equipment vendors and service providers. Our role as legal consultants for some of the industry’s most innovative and successful companies gives us unique insights into new business models, next-generation technologies and regulatory trends, from satellite radio to power line communications. We also have a vast network of relationships with lenders and investors involved in all segments of the industry.

Among our experience is our involvement in the collaboration between our clients and Malaysia’s largest mobile service provider for the construction of telecommunication towers to operate network facilities. We actively participated in the negotiations, the drafting of the business cooperation agreement, tenureship program agreements, turnkey contracts for the construction and design of satellite terminals and collaboration agreements between the respective parties. We have also successfully represented clients in negotiating and drafting documentation for the promotion and sales of satellite services in the Asia Pacific region involving marketing arrangements with the country’s network and internet applications provider.

Information Technology

Our ICT team has significant experience in all areas of IT procurement including the procurement and maintenance of software and hardware, backend/front-end support systems; software distribution, software systems development and integration, technology licensing projects, service level agreements, application service provider agreements, master agreements for global software / hardware / service supply, heads of agreement for strategic relationships, communications and data agreements, source code escrow agreements and IT and business process outsourcing.

Our ICT team takes pride in stating that they are the pioneers in handling matters relating to “cyberlaws” and “e” or “k” based matters and were involved with the Government’s initiative relating to the “MSC Telemedicine Flagship Application”. We have since ventured into new areas of science and technology such as drafting and negotiating rules and legal documentation relating to medical and engineering research.

Process Automation Systems

JHJ has been involved with matters pertaining to process automation for almost a decade. Our clients range from British based global automation, solutions and process Group to Fortune 500 related multinational companies. Our clients have been involved in the designing of a major process automation system in the country such as the Building Automation System in KLIA and the Automatic Train Control signaling and communication system on KTM commuter vehicles. Our ICT team works closely with our clients’ regional counsel and local in-house legal and secretarial departments on both contentious and non-contentious matters.

JHJ was recently involved in a Defect Liability and Warrant Management Service Provider arrangement between the Department of Works (JKR) and our client. This arrangement was in compliance with JKR’s obligation for defect liability under a turnkey contract for the construction of 9 public hospitals The ICT team were responsible for negotiating and drafting the Needs Statement and the Conditions of Contract regarding this matter.

We were also involved in the asset management arrangement between the International Islamic University of Malaysia and one of Malaysia’s leading process automation multinational companies. This arrangement was achieved via a facility management agreement drafted by our ICT team.

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