Scope of Our Healthcare Practice

JHJ is dedicated to the representation of insurers, healthcare professionals and institutions in matters of malpractice defense, licensing, staff privileges and provider eligibility. We have represented individual physicians, physician groups, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers.

Our Team

Our healthcare team is familiar in handling both contentious and non-contentious matters. Our focus is on service to the client. We understand that lawsuits involve more than litigation. We take the time to explain the case to our clients, and we welcome and encourage their inquiries and participation. Our past and current representation of healthcare professionals has given us a broad base of knowledge in the healthcare field. We stay informed with respect to changes in medicine and changes in the law as it relates to medicine. Our clients include professional liability carriers, hospitals, physician groups and clinics. We are well equipped to handle complex litigation and have extensive experience in the healthcare industry.

Reputation & Experience

Medico Legal

The area of medical negligence calls for a focused understanding of the intricacies of medicine and the health care system. JHJ understands the unique challenges posed in representing health care professionals. We appreciate the nuances of the medical subspecialties as well as the people who are drawn to practice in those areas. Our team has the experience in cases involving obstetrics & gynaecology, cardiovascular surgery, emergency medicine, gastroenterology, pediatrics, cardiology, and general surgery to name a few. Our team is supported by a trained staff with extensive experience in medical record review and medico-legal issues.

Medical Services

JHJ was the pioneer in the Government's initiative relating to the "MSC Telemedicine Flagship Application. Our team was engaged by the worlds leading Telemedicine establishment for the purpose of brokering medical services and in providing e-health services to the public and private sectors in Malaysia. This global establishment has its subsidiaries and associate companies involved in e-health products across Asia-Pacific with involvement in USA, Korea, Bermuda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Malaysia.

We were involved in the tele-consultation aspect of the MSC Telemedicine Flagship Application initiated by the Government of Malaysia. We were also responsible for negotiating, drafting and finalizing a concession agreement valued over RM30 million for the purpose of tele-consultations between our clients and the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The tele-consultation exercise among others supports second opinion e-consultation referred to as Patient Management Consultation (PMC) which includes verification of primary diagnosis, a recommended treatment plan and follow up from experts around the world.

Our team also has the experience on the following areas related to medical services:

• Structuring of joint venture and affiliation arrangements for physician groups and other entities involved in the delivery of health care.

• Advise on physician-patient, physician-physician and health care institutions-physician issues, including informed consent matters, contract negotiations and termination of medical staff privileges.

• Contract for purchase and lease of computer equipment, software and support services, diagnostic imaging devices and other state-of-the-art technology.

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