Commerce & Trading

Scope of Our CCF Practice

JHJ has extensive experience in general corporate, business and finance matters. In today's economic environment, the CCF team's approach is to provide creative innovative solutions to the needs of our clients. JHJ has the competence in a broad range of corporate and other limited liability entity formation and financing engagements, including mergers and acquisitions, loan syndications, project financings, joint venture, partnership financings, public and private placements of debt and equity securities, and corporate restructurings.

Our Team

Our CCF team has represented businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to publicly traded corporations. The hallmark of this representation is our high level of personal attention. It starts with problem-solving approach our CCF lawyers take to the legal matters we are entrusted to handle. And it continues with our keen attention to responsiveness and quality of service. Each of our CCF lawyers has been trained to counsel business owners on a range of issues affecting their companies. Our ability to spot potential legal or commercial issues and resolve them before they mushroom into larger problems simplifies things for our clients. We understand the economic and business pressures on our clients who operate in an increasingly competitive and cost-conscious business climate.

Reputation & Experience

Corporate & Securities

We have the experience and ability to assist clients in structuring and completing their transactions in a timely manner while assessing and managing associated legal risks. Advice is provided on a wide array of matters, including securities offerings and disclosure issues; corporate control and take-over concerns; reorganizations, restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings; and equity and debt financing.

Regardless whether our client is a public or private company, our team provides practical and strategic advice with regard to all areas impacting corporate finance, including compliance with the Companies Act and listing requirements. Our team is also regularly involved in assisting public and non-public corporations on shareholder-rights matters, including tender, proxy and other hostile change-in-control.

We have been involved in many corporate exercises to Government Link Companies (GLC)'s. Among them is the corporatized arm of the Government's railway services in which we were engaged in a major exercise to standardize their tender documentation process. We have also done corporate and commercial matters including listing exercise for the corporatised arm of the Selangor State Government's water management division.

Small & Medium Entrepreneurs (SME)

Our CCF team provides a full range of business services to SME's. Acting as advisors, our lawyers deliver high-quality legal work within a fee range that is accessible to middle market companies. We realize that not every new venture will grow into a multinational success story. Our personal satisfaction is derived not so much from the size or expansion of the venture, but rather from helping our clients achieve their goals. We are proud of the impact that we have had on our clients' growth, and invite you to explore what could become one of the most significant business relationships you will make. Having advised SME businesses for nearly 10 years, we are in tune with the financial and time demands they experience. JHJ has tailored itself to deliver high-quality legal services to you in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Most recently we assisted one of our SME clients in conceptualizing a business model for a proposed all encompassing education city in Malaysia (KL Education City) with links to overseas regions. We were actively involved in negotiations of sourcing out independent financiers (both foreign and local) and drafting the MOU's with the international affiliate universities interested in being part of this project. Our team was also involved in the process of obtaining the endorsement from the Higher Education Ministry and the Prime Minister's office for this project.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our firm regularly assists our business and banking clients in formulating strategies for merger and acquisition transactions. We help clients in many different industries and of all sizes. We are able to aid our clients through every stage of the process, including pre-transaction planning, finding willing buyers, submitting bids, negotiations, conducting or providing due diligence, following up with post-closing matters and handling post-closing disputes, if necessary. We assist our clients with all aspects of merger and acquisition transactions, from structure and strategy to negotiation and documentation. Because of the diversity of our firm, and the varied nature of our experience, we are able to provide cost-effective due diligence investigations in almost any industry. Our lawyers use their many relationships throughout the investment banking and financing communities to assist our clients.

Our clients include government contractors, technology companies, telecommunications companies, health care firms, automobile, utility, transportation and energy companies, professional service entities, manufacturers, banks and bank holding companies, service and leasing companies, savings and loan institutions, construction companies and others.


The team has a broad-ranging practice and regularly advises on retail and institutional funds, onshore, offshore, open and closed ended, investing in equities, bonds, real estate and alternative classes, including private equity.

JHJ is also familiar with asset financing. Our experience is characterised by high value complex transactions, often with several layers of financing and legal structures. Our CCF team is widely recognized for the range of transactions we are able to undertake. They include the following:

• Financing and operating leases, including contract-hire leasing and hire purchase facilities, and related residual value arrangements

• Loan finance, including limited recourse loan structures, discounted receivable purchase structures, securitization of receivables, and other such forms of financing in the context of leasing related transactions.

• Vendor leasing programs particularly with lessors and their customers in the computer industry in relation to both hardware and software

• Advising providers and users of asset finance on all aspects of their business, including licensing, maintenance, procurement, regulatory and competition matters

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