When we formed the practice of Jayadeep Hari & Jamil in 1997, we set out to change the negative perception of lawyers and law firms in Malaysia. In the past, Malaysian lawyers and law firms were seen as being too formal, too distant and too far removed from their clients' needs. Lawyers, it seemed, sat perched in their lofty 'ivory towers' neither knowing nor empathising with clients or their needs. Instead, we made it our mission to get to know our clients more intimately. We educated and equipped ourselves with the knowledge, practices, and philosophies of our clients; their management styles, business ethics and their each unique culture. Our services thus became solution driven that was relevant, innovative and practical. Our solutions and service levels were tailor-made and suited to fulfil our clients' needs.

Over the years since our inception, we worked hard on sticking to our mission. Our constant striving has seen us grow from ordinary ad hoc legal consultants to our clients' "preferred legal partners". We grew when our clientele grew, we gained our strength and experience from the various industries that our clients represent and today, we have a healthy mix of clientele across diverse industries around the world. Our support team has grown; from one office, we now have six offices across several States in Malaysia; and we are still growing.

In addition to providing first rate legal solutions, it is equally important to us that we care enough about everything we do. We believe it is vital to care about our clients and their businesses; and it is equally important to us that we care about our employees and their well being; also as important to us is that we care about our environment and its preservation.

Our customised legal solutions served through our sense of caring sets us apart from other legal service providers. Our motto: "We Care" most aptly describes where we stand in order to provide you with "Excellent service in a Caring manner...".

We hope that Jayadeep Hari & Jamil will be known to you not just as lawyers but as genuine caring partners that will support you in all that you do.


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